Great Lakes Center for Autism Treatment and Research (GLC) – Three Rivers Program Closing

Dear Friends of the Great Lakes Center for Autism Treatment and Research,

It is with a heavy heart to inform you that after a thorough review of the sustainability of the services we offer it has been decided to close the Great Lakes Center for Autism Treatment and Research (GLC) – Three Rivers program. The last day of service in Three Rivers will be December 21, 2018.

The decision to close this program is due to a number of factors primary of which is a large reduction in reimbursement amounts from the State of Michigan Medicaid rates – a reduction of nearly 40% that will go into effect 1/1/2019. We had hoped to have the time to grow into this program, but with the financial strain and uncertainty, we cannot support a program that is facing these cuts.

All families who receive services from GLC – Three Rivers program were notified of this situation in November. Discussions about transferring services to another GLC location and/or to another provider have taken place.

The individuals currently being served at the Three Rivers location and those families who are looking for Applied Behavior Analysis services continue to be welcome at one of GLC’s other centers (Portage or Galesburg). GLC will continue transporting individuals who receive all day Applied Behavior Analysis therapy from/to St. Joseph Community Mental Health building in Centerville to/from the Lawrence Autism Center in Galesburg. For those families who are currently being served in Three Rivers for whom is not feasible to attend one of the other GLC centers, we will do whatever we can to make the transition to another ABA provider as smooth as possible.

We have valued our partnership with the Three Rivers community and hope to re-examine the feasibility of this location in the future.

If you have any questions or concerns please call GLC at 269-250-8200.