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Welcome to Great Lakes Center for Autism Treatment and Research

Great Lakes Center for Autism Treatment and Research (GLC) is a program of Residential Opportunities, Inc. (ROI), a nonprofit mental health organization that has been serving Kalamazoo and beyond since 1978. Since 2012, GLC has been providing evidence-based, state-of-the-art applied behavior analysis (ABA) services for children and adolescents who have a diagnosis of autism and similar neurodevelopmental disabilities. We believe in helping the children and adolescents we serve reach their full potential in their community and beyond.


Dear members of the ROI Team and Community:

As we learned of the mass shooting murders at Michigan State University we were both horrified and saddened by the senseless gun violence that continues to plague our nation.  We grieve the deep pain that loss of life brings and the damage it has done in Michigan and around our country.  As a member of the ROI family, if you were impacted directly or indirectly by these events, we want you to know that we support you. Please remember the services available to you through our Employee Assistance Program, HelpNet. 


ABA treatment from Great Lakes Center for Autism Treatment and Research can change your child’s life

Children in behavioral treatment scored significantly higher in IQ and adaptive behavior scores than the comparison group. Further, 29% (6 of 21) children were fully included in regular education without assistance and another 52% (11 of 21) were included with support. This compares to only 5% (1 of 21) children in the control group who were placed in regular education. (Cohen, et al., 2014)

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