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Diagnostic Evaluation with Great Lakes Center for Autism Treatment and Research

Child must have a qualified diagnosis based on their insurance/funding type prior to receiving Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services:

  • Medicaid/Community Mental Health (CMH)
    • Call the Community Mental Health in the county where you live
    • Work with your Service Coordinator to obtain diagnosis/ABA services
    • Must be diagnosed through approved provider
  • Commercial Insurance
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
      • Must be diagnosed through Approved Autism Evaluation Center (AAEC)
      • Approved Autism Evaluation Centers
      • Many AAECs have waiting lists so be sure to call around for the earliest appointment
    • Other Commercial Insurances
      • Must be diagnosed by approved provider type
      • GLC is able to provide diagnostic services for the majority of commercial insurances
      • Contact your insurance provider for information regarding diagnosis and ABA services

Diagnosis Evaluation

Great Lakes Center for Autism Treatment and Research can provide diagnostic evaluations for the majority of individuals. Coverage criteria is based on individual’s insurance policy. *

To schedule a diagnostic evaluation and for details, please call Great Lakes Center for Autism Treatment and Research at 269-250-8200.

Educational vs Medical Diagnosis

Even though a child may have received an autism diagnosis in a school setting, this educational diagnosis does not qualify for the medical diagnosis. A medical diagnosis does also not take the place as an educational diagnosis. Therefore, depending on the services the parent/ guardian is seeking for their child, an additional diagnosis may be required.

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