Autism Treatment

Our Treatment Options

We offer a variety of programs and services to meet the needs of your child and family.

Autism is a challenge that affects a growing number of young people. Children struggling with the most severe disabilities, including severe autism, can be challenging to care for, requiring assistance that can be hard to find. We provide a variety of services to make sure you’re getting the care you need for your child.

Program Options

Intensive Residential Support

This program is designed to support up to 12 children at a time. Due to the severity and potentially dangerous level of their challenging behaviors, the program is heavily staffed and the property is spacious. Therapy and teaching are based upon the evidence-based principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.

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Outpatient Therapy

For children and adults who do not need the intensive supports of a residential program, the Great Lakes Center for Autism Treatment and Research offers ABA therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech and language therapy. Services will typically be provided a few hours each week. This program also offers diagnostic tests to help determine disabilities and recommend the most effective treatment options.

Learning Center

The Great Lakes Learning Center will open a little after the Great Lakes Center for Autism Treatment and Research’s other programs begin and will offer approximately 30 hours per week of Early Intensive Behavioral Interventions (EIBI). These services can be provided at our new Learning Center, in the child’s home or a combination of the two. The diagnostic services of the outpatient program will also be available.

Additional Programs

Please be patient as we build our services. We will offer parent training classes, sibling support groups and social skills groups.